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College economics professors provide expert economic consulting through Affordable Expert Economists for matters that are typically in litigation.  Services are provided for plaintiff and defense attorneys around the U.S. and often result in calculations, reports, or trial testimony. 

With limited overhead--and without bloated staffing--Affordable Expert Economists is able to offer services from college professors at reasonable rates that are substantially lower than those at large consulting firms. 

All work is performed in a timely manner, customized to fit the unique facts in the case, based on reliable and widely-accepted methodologies and data, and communicated in a way that a jury (or students) would easily understand.



Perfect for attorneys at smaller firms

Common services include:

  • Calculating the present value of lost earnings and employment benefits

  • Calculating the present value of lost household services

  • Calculating the present value of lost revenue and profit

  • Calculating the present value of future medical costs

  • Valuing businesses or assets

  • Measuring economic impact

  • Assistance cross-examining opposing experts

  • Critiquing the analyses of opposing economists

  • Rebutting the opinions of opposing experts



Affordable Expert Economists will provide a college professor to assist with your case.

You will be contacted by a professor with a Ph.D. in economics, expertise and publications in relevant areas, and experience teaching diverse audiences.

Each of our expert economists has extensive courtroom experience--having testified at least 20 times.

Upon initial contact, you are welcome to discuss case details and the scope of the consulting at no cost.

Thereafter, you are free to contract directly with the expert economist.


Contact us to discuss your case with an expert economist.